Oct. 3 – Marie Losier’s Program

Overview for Oct. 3 — Films and Videos by Peggy Ahwesh, Martha Colburn, Michelle Handelman, Kerry Laitala, Xander Marro, Shana Moulton, Cecile Paris, Shannon Plumb, Ava Warbrick and Virginie Yassef and Aurelie Godard.

Films in order of screening:

Whispering Pines 1
Shana Moulton, 1:55 min, video, 2002
The first installment in the multi-part Whispering Pines series, this unsettling video introduces Cynthia, the series’ silent, somewhat confused protagonist, who is played by Moulton. In these wryly humorous narratives, Cynthia’s interactions with her everyday world mix the mundane and the surreal. A portrait of anxiety set in a generic supermarket, Whispering Pines 1 foregrounds the artist’s ongoing concerns with the ways in which people are at once estranged from and invested in consumer goods.


Myth Labs
Martha Colburn, 7 min, Animation, 2008,
‘Myth Labs’ interweaves Puritan visions, folk art, religious allegories and victims of the current Methamphetamine epidemic. This is a film about fear, paranoia, faith and loss of faith and salvation. ‘Myth labs’ takes place in the American frontier and wilderness. Similarly to Meth addicts in rural America, for the Puritans the wilderness represented a place of their damnation and their ultimate resurrection synonymously. Through blending these two times in American history, I attempt to illuminate the idea that the lure of this drug for contemporary rural inhabitants is rooted in our earliest consciousness-forming experiences as settlers in a state of spiritual and physical emergency. Overly fervent faith and addiction alike, can change one from mere mortal to Superman to scarecrow. Just as a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ these two vices (or devices) of salvation can have devastating consequences.


Virginie Yassef and Aurelie Godard. Collaboration with Julien Prévieux, 2008, super 8, 6mins.A strange pair of eaters are spending a day with their teeth eating a tree trunk in Michigan.


Corner Masters
Shannon Plumb, 3 mins, Super 8 film on video, 2008
Atlantic and Vanderbilt (from the series The Corner)
In The Corner, Plumb turns to the urban landscape, specifically the street corner for inspiration. Incorporating etiquette, codes of style and behavior, the personalities in The Corner are familiar characters whose business, social life and status are determined and reliant upon the city streets. The Corner exposes the automatic suspicions and misconceptions that are commonly made in order to identify faces in a crowd and alter behavior. The potentially volatile “thug”, the woman of a questionable reputation or the shady character who paces and mumbles are familiar types that many urbanites are acquainted with. By relying on common false-presumptions and stereotyping, Plumb creates contemporary anthropological portraits that comment on race, gender and the economics of contemporary urban life.


Le mal Du Pays
Cecile Paris, 3 min, video, 2006
Shot on Greenpoint rooftop. A man listen to a vinyl record-I LOVE PARIS.


Out of the Ether
Kerry Laitala, 11 min, 16mm, 2003
“Out of the Ether” is a hand crafted 16mm film composed on the optical printer and toned to bring out pulsating hues of oozing greens and yellows. “Out of the Ether” poses the following questions: “What do we leave behind? Are institutional forces using our hysteria to reap the benefits of possible infection? Whose environment could we possibly be affecting? What unseen forces would unscrupulous beings want to use to infiltrate our bodies and perhaps our consciousness? Who is the enemy? “Out of the Ether” unleashes upon an unsuspecting audience septic musings about fear in the guise of microbial menace and mayhem.”-KL


Sew Akira
Michelle Handelman, 2:20 min, video, 2008
An exploding universe built from the singularity of all that animates me. This explosion comes from a body of work called Inhalations, Inspirations, and Things I Forgot to Love, works made from my video orphans: outtakes, mistakes and experiments done while a resident at the Experimental Television Center. Sew Akira is the transport mechanism that beams me into a Manga paradise. http://www.michellehandelman.com


Xander Marro, 3 min, 16mm, 2005
Who watches the Watchmen? Doom drones and Italian supermodels conspire to turn yr loving capitalist gaze back into your own insides. With sound by Carly Ptak of Baltimore noise band Nautical Almanac.

Shannon Plumb
Friday, 3 min, Super 8 film on video, 2008
Friday (from the series Together)
Together consists of a series of films inspired by the artist’s grandparents who, after spending a lifetime together, now approach the inevitable fact of mortality. The quasi-documentary structure reinforces the artist’s anthropological approach to domestic living with seven shorts, each representing a day of the week. Presenting familiar activities of married life that range from sharing a meal to preparing for a night’s sleep, Plumb provides a unique contemporary portrait of cohabitation with a comic twist.

Ava Warbrick
The Keeper, 4 min, video, 2008
A girl wanders into an enchanted forest with her pet companion the horned skin. They are separated, in desperation she scrapes herself on the underbrush hungry to reunite with her pet. Their reunion culminates in an emotionless sexual act. Dissatisfied, the horned skin retreats into the darkness. A new pet descends from the branches, its fangs and its hair threaten the girl but she is fearless. She keeps it.

Trick Film
Peggy Ahwesh, 4 min, video, 1996
with MM Serra

Star Eaters
Peggy Ahwesh, 24min, video, 2003
A short and inconclusive treatise on women and gambling. The allure of risk- taking, the contradictions of excessive behavior, and a penchant for failure combine in this fairy-tale set in the abandoned decay that was once a glamorous Atlantic City. A sentimental education at the seashore off-season. With Jackie Smith, Alex Auder, and Ricardo Dominguez.

2 responses

1 10 2008
Larissa Nikola-Lisa

will be have to purchase tickets in advance?

1 10 2008

No advanced tickets available at ISSUE Project Room — but I think it will not sell out. Thank you for your question. Best, Meredith Drum, program organizer.

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