Oct. 1 – MM Serra’s Program

Overview of Oct 1 – MM Serra’s Program — A tribute to Women Artists Filmmakers, including films by Sara-Kathryn Arledge, Doris Chase, Silvianna Goldsmith, Storm De Hirsch, Marie Menken, Carolee Schneemann and Rosalind Schneider, programmed by MM Serra, Director of the Film-Makers Cooperative

A Tribute to Women Artists Filmmakers

Sara-Kathryn Arledge
Introspection (1946) 16mm, color, sound, 6.25 min
“Disembodied parts of dancers are seen moving freely in black space… form a moving and rhythmic three dimensional design and semi-abstract shapes.” — Lewis Jacobs, “Avant Garde Production in America,” Experiment in the Film, Gray Walls Press, London, 1949.

Marie Menken
Moonplay (1964-66)) 16mm, black and white, sound, 5 min
Sound by Teiji Ito.
A lunar fantasy in animated stop-motion.

Doris Chase
Circles I Variation II (1971) 16mm, color, sound, 6.75 min
Music by George Kleinsinger. “The central image of spiraling, revolving circles is reminiscent of Duchamp’s ANEMIC CINEMA and enlists the viewer in a very pleasurable game of distinguishing color and shape.” — Joan Braderman, Art Forum

Storm De Hirsch
Peyote Queen (1965) 16mm, color, sound, 9 min
A further exploration into the color of ritual, the color of thought; a journey through the underworld of sensory derangement. “A very beautiful work! The abstractions drawn directly on film are like the paintings of Miro; moving at full speed to the rhythm of an African beat.” — D. Noguez, La Nouvelle Revue Francaise “Among my favorites … beauty and excitement.” — Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice.

Rosalind Schneider
On 16mm, color, sound, 4.3 min
A humorous, erotic episode.
Silvianna Goldsmith
Nightclub, Memories of Havana in Queens (1975) 16mm, color & b/w, sound, 5.5 min
Three Latin Dancers in a nightclub in Queens make up, and do a samba, a merengue and an afro-cuban dance. Filmed both tongue-in-cheek with humor and satire at the kitsch aspects, and also seriously as a tribute to the culture’s ancient sensuality.

Carolee Schneemann
Plumb Line (1972) 16mm, color, sound, 15.15 min
Breaking down, splitting apart, burning up: a relationship and the film itself. Edited from scrap diary footage shot in 8mm, hand printed as 16mm. PLUMB LINE is a moving and powerful subjective chronicle of the breaking up of a love relationship. The film is a devastating exorcism, as the viewer sees and hears the film approximate the interior memory of the experience. “PLUMB LINE was beautiful, laying everything open even more than FUSES — a very public private film — and as clear as crystal.” — David Curtis Exhibition: London Int’l Film Festival; Buffalo Women’s Film Festival; Whitney Museum of American Art.

Martha Edelheit
Sno-White (Crimson) (1975) 16mm, color, 7min
A mini-introduction to one-third of the Triplet Sno-White. Split-Screened. Sound track: Church Bells taped in Spain, Dirty Saxaphone: taped in Lodge at Lake Powell (performer by a Tommy Dorsey band member). Right Screen image, Anna Moragiannis on a water bed. Left Screen images from Spain and South West

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